** All services are customizable to clients needs.
** 30 – 50% Deposit is required before production begins.

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3D Models: We create professionally rendered graphics for you to use in your projects.Examples include: props or products, animation objects, game characters, environments, icons, what ever you need.

Video: We can also create video and animations for your business to be used as demonstration tools, intro animations, how-to videos, product or promotional animations and 3D assets can be comped into film footage seamlessly to create the look your going for.

Services may include:

Pre Production: 
We recommend spending time on this stage, it will make sure your project is effective and production flows smoothly.
Tasks may include: reference gathering, reports, diagrams, mood boards, sketches and other design documents.
Modeling Shading and Texturing:
This is where I build 3d assets, unwrap them and add colour, material and texture to get that desired look.
I can make the model look realistic and professional or stylised and fun.
Lighting and Render set-up:
Lighting makes the model look really professional, gives it depth and adds that little extra shine.
Rigging is the process of cleaning a model up and preparing it for animation by building a bone structure inside, adding functionality and connecting it to a control system.
3D Animation: (Discounted rates on animation services for a limited time)
Steps Include:
1. Storyboard
2. Animatic
3. Rough cut animation and collecting input
3. Polished animation
Video is rendered in low quality mode called a play blast until it is ready for rendering.
Some examples of effects would include fire, rain, snow, smoke, water, est.
I have experience using particles, fluids, simulation & dynamics and compositing.
Highly polished production quality effects can be expensive but simple effects can also be made for a lower budget.
Rendering and Compositing:
Rendering is where I turn all the work into a great looking movie.
– Options for outsourcing rendering are available for large projects.
– Compositing is where we can combine elements together, do some effects, color correct and fix errors.

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Animation Graphics (Contact me for free quote)
Posters and Cover Designs (Contact me for free quote)
3D Game Art (Contact me for free quote)
Menus, UI design, Web Graphics (Contact me for free quote)
Advertising / Marketing Media (Contact me for free quote)

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Logo Animation  (Contact me for free quote)
Explainer Animations  (Contact me for free quote)
2D Animation  (Contact me for free quote)
3D Animation (Contact me for free quote)
Motion graphics (Contact me for free quote)

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