My name is Nathan Ergang. I’m a Digital Media Designer and Small Business Owner. Some of my past clients include Academic Wilds, Regional Recycling, Drag the Bar Poker Training, ATS Electro-lube and Evoda Group.

        I graduated from Vancouver Film School for 3D Modeling, Effects and Animation as well as Art & Design. This is where I learned how to turn my passion into a career. My specialities include 2D and 3D Design , Animation and Motion Graphics. I work with a small team to develop professional projects.

I’m also working on a personally funded side project, an Action Adventure Indie Game. The story is based in a tiny universe called the MicroCosmos. The hero’s  world is under attack and its up to you to save it from destruction.

I create memorable experiences for your customers to enjoy and help your business stand out from the crowd. My creative services increase sales and adds customer interest. I would love to help get you started with your next Digital Media project. Click Here to contact me. Make sure to check out and my Portfolio.


We help businesses and small productions get more sales on their products and services by creating memorable experiences and attractive digital media at a great value.


We want to be apart of the technical revolution and help evolve digital media in new and interesting ways.

Core values

Provide high quality work at a great value.

Understanding my clients needs is at the top of my priority list.

Customizable services to meet clients unique needs

Help graduates get jobs and experience in the industry.

Freedom,  Collaboration, Passion, Creativity, Fairness for All, Open Communication

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